Polyester Flakes Bulk Bag Filler for 500kg to 1000kg

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bulk bag filler is engineered for bulk material processing and bulk material packaging applications requiring high-performance operation. Our heavy-duty bulk bag filler will exceed your requirements for safe. This Jumbo Bag Packing Machine is perfect for dry pelleted, flaked, granular, or powdered products.

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Technical specification

Name  bulk bag filler
Model  LADB-1000
Metering Model  By Weighing
Feeding Model  ≤1000Kg
Accuracy  ±0.2~0.5% (Depends on product Character and Filling Speed)
Packing Speed  8-12 bags/h
Voltage  3 Phase 415V, 50Hz, 6KW
Material  304 Stainless Steel
Machine Weight  3000Kg


Common bagging solutions include products such as spices and seasonings, flours, coffee, chemicals, granular, Polyester Flakes, Polyester Chips and many others. This Jumbo Bag Packing Machine is the complete solution for flexible packaging needs.


The materials of construction and build specifications of Jumbo Bag Packing Machine enable bulk material processing operations to run production at designed rates without concern for unplanned downtime, inaccurate filling, or excess labor costs common with under-performing big bag filling systems. This Jumbo Bag Packing Machine are engineered and constructed to withstand the harshest processing and packaging plant environments while providing exceptional performance in reliability and throughput.



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