Open Mouth Bagging Machine , Bagging Machine for Peanut, Chickpeas, Popcorn, Beans

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Open mouth bagging machine , bagging machine for Peanut, Chickpeas, Popcorn, Beans

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No. Features
1 This packing unit includes one set of DT2 bucket elevator, one set of CJD50K-SF servo weighing machine, one set of GFCK25 granule heavy bag packaging machine, one set of sewing/sealing machine.
2 This machine integrates the functions of feeding, weighing, filling, bag-feeding, bag-opening, conveying, sealing/sewing, etc.
3 The machine has good sealing performance and can meet customer’s hygienic requirements.
4 All the electrical components and control components adopt local and foreign well-known brands with reliable performance, such as Siemens PLC and touch screen, Delta converter and servo motor, Schneider and Omron electrical components, etc. Man-machine dialogue platform, both the operator and debugging personnel can set parameters through the touch screen.


Granule Grain, granular drug, capsule, seed,fertilizer, condiments, granulated sugar, chicken essence, melon seeds, nuts etc.

Working Progress

1). DT2 bucket elevator for material lifting;
2). CJD50K-SF filling and weighing machine;
3). GFCK25 Automatic bag feeding &material auto filling;
4). Bag automatic transferred by the conveyor;
5). GK35-6A Auto bag sewing;
6). Finished bag.

Technical Parameter

No. Item Parameters
1. Metering products Granules
2 Packing machine model GFCK-10 GFCK-25 GFCK-50
2 Metering weight 5~10kg 10~25kg 25~50KG
3 Material of pre-made bag Compound plastics film ,paper bag etc. ( the bag material can be assimilated by our bag feeding machine )
4 Speed 12~15bpm 10~12bpm 8~10bpm
5 Weighing accuracy ±0.2%
6 Power supply 380V±10%  50Hz 5.5KW
7 Machine weight About 2000kg
8 Machine size About 6000*2000*4900mm
9 Air supply source 0.6MPa, 0.5m3/min
10 Seal type Woven bag: bag mouth side folding/seaming.Kraft paper bags: stitching/seaming.
Composite film bag: heat sealing.

Technical specification

 Name Open mouth bagging machine
Scope of application
Suitable materials Granular material or powder material with fine flowability
Suitable packing container Open mouth bag, box, barrel
Feeding type Gravity
Alternative feeding type Vibrator
Technical parameters
Weighing range(Kg) 20-50
Packing speed(bag/H) 360-720
Packing Accuracy Generally (+/- )0.2%(Note: special materials shall depend on the industrial standard)


Granule Seeds, peanut, green bean, pistachio, refined sugar, brown sugar, PET food, Polyester Chips, Polyester Flakes, animal feed, aqua feed, grain, granular drug, capsule, seed, condiments, granulated sugar, chicken essence, melon seeds, nuts, fertilizer granules etc.
Powder milk powder, coffee powder, food additives, condiments, tapioca powder, coconut powder, pesticide powder, chemical powder etc.


Model GFCK25 granule heavy bag packaging machine
Filling weight 10~25kg
Capacity 15-18 tons/hour
Bag type Open mouth bag (pp woven bag, paper bag, PE bag etc)
Bag dimensions Width400~500mm, Length800~900mm
Power supply 380V±10%  50Hz 5.5KW 3phase
Seal type Woven bag: bag mouth side folding/seaming.Kraft paper bags: stitching/seaming.
Composite film bag: heat sealing.
Model DT2 bucket elevator
Material Parts contact with material are made by s.s304, others are made by carbon steel with paint
Capacity 8-10 tons/hour
Height 4~6m
Voltage 220 volt, 50hz, 1phase
Power 1.1KW
Features 1. Storage hopper
2. Food grade plastic buckets
3. easy to clean
Model CJD50K-SFHigh speed servo weighing machine
Way of filling Vibration
Packaging weight Max.50kg
Weight accuracy 0.5% ~1%
Fill motor Servo motor
Packaging speed 15~20time/min
Hopper Capacity 150L
Power supply 380V 50HZ(60HZ)
Total Power 1.4KW
Dimension(mm) 760(L)*800(W)*2000(H)
Model GK35-6A Automatic Stitching /sewing machine
Sewing speed 2000r.p.m.
Maximum sewing thickness 8mm
Stitch adjustment range 6.5~11mm
Stitch pattern Two-wire chain 401
Sew specifications Cotton thread, polyester thread lifting height of presser foot 11~16mm
Needle model 80800x250#pulley diameter 114mm
Wire braid cutter device mechanical motor power 370w
Machine weight 30kg
Dimension(mm) 50(L)*50(W)*1500(H)

Main configuration

No. Components Brand System
1 PLC Siemens(Germany) Electrical parts
2 Touch screen Siemens(Germany)
3 Inverter Delta(China)
4 Low-voltage Schneider(France)
5 Limit switch Schneider(France)
6 Photo sensor Omron(Japan)
7 Proximity switch Sick(Germany)
8 Vacuum pressure switch SMC(Japan)
9 Safe relay Phoenix(Germany)
10 Vacuum pump China made Mechanical part
11 cylinder SMC(Japan)
12 Solenoid valve SMC(Japan)
13 Normal motor Wanxing(Taiwan)
14 Servo motor Delta(Taiwan)
15 PE bag sealing machine Leadall Pack

Factory Gallery


Processing Workshop


Mounter (Japan)


CNC machining center (Japan


CNC bending machine (USA)


CNC punch (Germany)


Laser cutting machine (Germany)


Baking paint production line (Germany)


Three coordinate detector (Germany)


Input software program (Germany)

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Q1. What is the advantage about your company?
A1. Our company has professional team and professional production line.

Q2. Why should I choose your products?
A2. Our products are high quality and low price.

Q3. Any other good service your company can provide?
A3. Yes, we can provide good after-sale and fast delivery.

Q4.What kind of Transportation could you provide?And are you able to update the production process Information in time after placing our order?
A4. Sea shipping, air Shipping, and international express. And after confirming your order, we would keep you updated of production details of emails and photos.

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