Automatic Pet Food Baling Machine , Laundry Detergent Bag in Bag Vertical Bagging for LDPE Film Bag

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Function: It achieves from bulk materials to be full automatic operation, saving labors, materials and financial inputs, improving the production efficiency and saving transportation costs with safety storage.

Applicable industries: Agricultures, Foods, Chemicals, Pharmacy etc. Like rice, sugar, suger, salt, seeds, milk powder, detergent powder, pet foods etc.


Warranty: 1 Years

Certification: ISO CE

Port: Ningbo/Shanghai

Packaging Details: Wooden Case

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This whole system includes

1) Horizontal belt conveyor for primary packaging machines (0.5~5kg pouch packaging machine).
2) Slope arrangement belt conveyor.
3) Acceleration belt conveyor.
4) Counting and arranging machine.
5) LAP1300 bagging machine.
6) Take off conveyor belt one set.

sugar secondary packaging line , sugar secondary packaging line for 1kg pouch 3
sugar secondary packaging line , sugar secondary packaging line for 1kg pouch 1
sugar secondary packaging line , sugar secondary packaging line for 1kg pouch 2


Granule : Seeds, peanut, green bean, pistachio, refined sugar, brown sugar, PET food, animal feed, aqua feed, grain, granular drug, capsule, seed, condiments, granulated sugar, chicken essence, melon seeds, nuts, fertilizer granules, broken corn, corn, Raw whole peunut, Raw split peanut, blanched split peanut, blamched whole peanut, seeds virginhia ho kernel, inshel, corn, wheat, soy etc.
Powder : milk powder, coffee powder, food additives, condiments, tapioca powder, coconut powder, pesticide powder, chemical powder, corn flour, fine corn flour etc.

Baling Bundling Machine


Automatic Bundling machine is used for secondary packaging of the primary bags. It uses the same Vertical Form Fill Seal principal and makes large bags of LDPE films. Usually placed after the primary VFFS machines to prepare bales/bundles of the primary bags in 1 or 2 columns with a maximum of 12 bags in a single column. Usual configuration is 24 bags of 1kg, 12 bags of 2kg and 5 bags of 5kg, since the max weight of the final bag can be up to 25kg only. The machine can realize up to 6-8 bagging cycles per minute and can handle up to 100 primary bags in a minute. Up to 2 primary machines can be connected to a single machine. Conveyors are provided so that this becomes a totally automated process with no manual intervention, thereby resulting in huge labor savings. The machine can substitute at least 4-5 labours which would otherwise be required in case of manual bundling operations. And still the uniform finishing and consistent speed levels achieved by the machine would be difficult to match.

Common applications include sugar, salt, flour, pasta and other such high-volume items.

General Specifications: Full automatic machine with CE certification. The compact design with electrical box. Very user-friendly PLC system, touch pad control panel. It is possible to synchronized with 2 automatic packaging machines with the production. To change the film roll and the forming set is very simple and fast. Easy to use and most of the function can be controlled on the PLC.

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Work Process

Slope arrangement conveyor will make the pouches flat before counting.
Acceleration belt conveyor will make the adjacent pouches leave enough distance for counting.
Counting and arranging machine will arrange the small pouches as required.
The small pouches will be loaded into the LAP1300 bagging machine.
LAP1300 bagging machine will seal and cut the big bag.
Belt conveyor will take the big bag under the LAP1300 machine.


Automatic packing machine has functions of automatic lm pulling, bag making, filling, sealing.
Operation through touch screen. Convenient, safe and reliable.
Can meet requirements of different pouch arranging form.

Technical specification

Product Code




In-feed Speed

100 pouches / min

Maximum Weight

25 kg

Maximum Width

630 mm

Maximum Height

700 mm

Machine Width

1823 mm

Machine Depth

1746 mm

Machine height

2764 mm

Machine weight

1100 kg

Pneumatic system

AirTac or SMC

Electrical system

7 kW - 3P - 380 V - 50 Hz

Electrical consumption

4 KW/h

Electrical equipment


PLC System


Operating control panel


Air pressure

6-8 bar

Air consumption

5 lt/min

Maximum film diameter

500 mm

Maximum film width

1300 mm

Factory Gallery


Processing Workshop


Mounter (Japan)


CNC machining center (Japan)


CNC bending machine (USA)


CNC punch (Germany)


Laser cutting machine (Germany)


Baking paint production line (Germany)


Three coordinate detector (Germany)


Input software program (Germany)

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A1. Our company has professional team and professional production line.
Q2. Why should I choose your products?
A2. Our products are high quality and low price.
Q3. Any other good service your company can provide?
A3. Yes, we can provide good after-sale and fast delivery.
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A4. Sea shipping, air Shipping, and international express. And after confirming your order ,we would keep you updated of production details of emails and photos.

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