Overview and characteristics of open mouth bagging machine

Automatic open mouth bagging machine and palletizer system line:
automatic weighing unit, packaging unit, conveying detection unit and palletizing unit.

Product Description:
high speed Automatic open mouth bagging machine and palletizer system line is developed on the basis of digesting and absorbing packaging machine technology at home and abroad. It has a wide range of application and can automatically package bags of different materials, especially woven bags without coating. Automatic open mouth bagging machine and palletizer system line have been highly praised by users in the 8 production lines of beans processing plant of MASA company in Argentina, reaching the level of similar products.

Product function:
the Automatic open mouth bagging machine and palletizer system line can realize the operation procedures of automatic feeding, automatic bag feeding, bag loading, weighing, bagging, sealing, conveying and shaping, weight detection, metal detection, selection and screening, code spraying printing, automatic palletizing, etc.

Automatic completion of bag loading, metering, bag sewing, bag pouring, whole package, re inspection, metal inspection, removal, code spraying, transportation and mechanical stacking.
Siemens PLC programmable controller is selected for centralized control, with high reliability.
The weighing part adopts Toledo sensor and Canada Geman intelligent instrument, which is more precise, accurate, faster and more stable.
The working process of the whole production line is automatically controlled by intelligent program, which can realize continuous operation.
It can be equipped with communication interface according to users' needs to realize real-time monitoring, remote diagnosis and network management for the full-automatic packaging and palletizing production line.
The material contact part shall be polished for more than 200 mesh to ensure smooth material flow.
The sewing machine adopts imported DS-9C series (NEWLONG), with high speed and good stability.
It has the functions of fault alarm, display and automatic interlocking shutdown.
The control cabinet is equipped with imported touch screen, which can be operated quickly by touching the screen with fingers, and the display screen is equipped with fault display and online help system.
Cylinder, solenoid valve and PLC are made of good foreign products with good reliability, high precision and long service life.


Post time: Feb-10-2022