Overview and characteristics of bulk bag filler

Many industries now use ton bags for packaging, and many industries are involved, such as large bag packaging in cement, mining, building materials, chemical industry, grain, chemical fertilizer, feed and other industries. The weighing range of bulk bag filler is also relatively wide. The weight can be between 500-2000kg, which can be adjusted freely and set according to the size of ton bag. The bagging capacity of bulk bag filler is also very strong, within 20 tons per hour. This bulk bag filler can be customized according to different packaging materials of users and different users. Professional designers can tailor the design for users. The feed port of bulk bag filler can also be connected with closed and dust-free environmental protection conveying equipment. In this way, the working environment is very environmentally friendly. The bulk bag filler consists of programmable electric control system, and the control process is highly reliable. The operation is also simple and easy to learn. Bulk bag filler also has strong anti-interference ability in the working process.

Powder materials: quantitative packaging in medicine, chemical industry, pesticide, rubber, nonmetal, coating, ceramics and other industries. Such as ceramic powder, calcium carbonate, wettable powder, carbon black, rubber powder, food additives, pigments, dyes, zinc oxide, medicine.
Granular materials: medicine, chemical fine particles, plastic particles, PET polyester, rice, feed, compound fertilizer, etc.

Bulk bag filler is a large and medium-sized packaging machine used to weigh ton bag packaging materials. It is a multifunctional packaging machine integrating electronic device weighing, automatic bag unpacking and ash removal. It has the advantages of high automation level, high packaging precision, adjustable packaging speed and excellent structure. The unique hydraulic lifting system is particularly easy to solve the ton bag packaging, and it is very convenient to solve the later process. Bulk bag filler is suitable for ton bag packaging of materials in mineral resources, chemical plants, decorative building materials, grains and feed industries.
It has high automation level, high packaging precision and adjustable packaging speed. The machine and equipment are suitable for large bag packaging of materials in the fields of concrete, mining, decorative building materials, chemical plants, grains, organic fertilizer, refined feed and so on.

Main features:
1. For the different characteristics of powder equipment and materials and the regulations of the application manufacturer, it is customized and designed. The machine has good technology, durability and few spare parts.
2. Stepless speed change for feeding and packaging, stable characteristics of machinery and equipment, high packaging accuracy and faster speed.
3. The electronic control system of programmable controller is reliable in the aspect ratio of the whole process.
4. The anti pollution and ash removal design scheme is good to reduce the smoke and dust environmental pollution in the office environment.
5. The weighing equipment is electronic scale type measurement verification. It selects omni-directional board data calibration and main parameter setting. It has the functions of net weight total indication, automatic peeling, automatic zero calibration and automatic fluctuation adjustment. It has high sensitivity and strong anti-interference ability.
6. The instrument panel is equipped with a communication socket for networking and network connection, and can carry out real-time monitoring system and network management for the packaging machine.


Post time: Feb-10-2022