Key Parts and Precautions for maintenance of dosing machine

Key Parts:
Now let's talk about the relevant knowledge of the key parts of the dosing machine. I hope our sharing can let you better understand the quantitative dosing machine.

What are the key parts of the dosing machine?
The dosing machine is composed of weighing unit, trolley, sewing bag conveying device, pneumatic system, dust removal system, quantitative packaging control instrument, etc. The key component affecting the packaging speed and accuracy is the weighing unit, which includes storage bin, gate, cutting device, scale body, bag clamping device, support, electrical control device, etc.

The storage bin is a buffer bin, which is used for material storage and provides a nearly uniform material flow; The gate is located at the bottom of the storage bin and is used to seal the materials in the storage bin in case of equipment maintenance or failure; The material cutting device is composed of a material cutting hopper, a material cutting door, a pneumatic element, a make-up valve, etc. it provides fast, slow and feeding during the weighing process.

The material flow of fast and slow feeding can be adjusted separately, so as to ensure that the constant weight packaging scale meets the requirements of measurement accuracy and speed; The function of air make-up valve is to balance the air pressure difference in the system during weighing; The scale body is mainly composed of weighing bucket, load-bearing support and weighing sensor to complete the transformation from weight to electrical signal and transmit it to the control unit;

The bag clamping device is mainly composed of bag clamping mechanism and pneumatic elements. It is used to clamp the packaging bag and let all weighed materials into the packaging bag; The electrical control device is composed of weighing display controller, electrical components and control cabinet. It is used to control the system and make the whole system work orderly according to the preset procedure.

Range distinction and definition:

With the continuous improvement of production technology, there are more and more kinds of packaging scales. Whether it is granular material, powdery material or liquid material, it can be packaged with a packaging scale with corresponding functions. As the measuring range of each bag of different materials is different, the dosing machine can be divided into constant packaging scale, medium packaging scale and small packaging scale according to the measuring range.

The rated weighing value is 50kg and the weighing range is 20 ~ 50kg. Quantitative packaging scale is a constant quantitative packaging scale. The size of 20 ~ 50kg packaging bag is moderate, which is convenient for stacking and transportation. Therefore, this quantitative dosing machine is widely used. The quantitative dosing machine with rated weighing value of 25kg and weighing range of 5 ~ 25kg is called medium-sized quantitative packaging scale. The quantitative dosing machine is mainly used for residents' consumption, which is convenient to carry and has large consumption.

Generally, the quantitative dosing machine with rated weighing value of 5kg and weighing range of 1 ~ 5kg is classified as small quantitative dosing machine. The quantitative dosing machine is mainly used for packaging grain and food for residents, and feed factories and pharmaceutical factories are used for packaging vitamins, minerals, drugs and other additives. Due to the small packaging quantity and small allowable error value.

According to the installation form, the dosing machine is divided into fixed type and mobile type. The quantitative dosing machine used in grain and feed production plants is usually fixed and directly installed in the process flow; The quantitative dosing machine used in grain depots and wharfs are usually mobile, the use position is not fixed, the movement is required to be convenient and flexible, the weighing and packaging accuracy is high, stable and reliable.

If the packaging scale fails, first analyze the cause of the failure. If it is a simple fault, it can be handled directly. If the fault is troublesome, it is recommended to contact the manufacturer for maintenance or find professional technicians for maintenance. Don't deal with it yourself to avoid second failure.

Precautions for maintenance:
The dosing machine brings convenience to our work, but it needs careful maintenance in the process of use. So, what should be paid special attention to during maintenance? Obviously, only by mastering these, can we better play the role of packaging scale.
When using the packing scale, pay attention to control its workload to avoid overload and sensor damage. After replacing the instrument or sensor, calibrate the scale in case of special circumstances. In addition, all parts of the scale shall be cleaned and inspected regularly to ensure that everything is normal and to keep the equipment clean.

Before starting, pay attention to provide proper and stable power supply for the dosing machine and ensure its good grounding. It should be noted that the oil of motor reducer should be changed after 2000 hours of operation, and then every 6000 hours. In addition, if spot welding is used for maintenance in or around the scale body, it should be noted that the sensor and welding handle line cannot form a current loop.

In order to ensure that the equipment always maintains a good and stable operation state, we need to ensure that the supporting platform under the packaging scale maintains sufficient stability,


and the scale body is not allowed to be directly connected with thevibrating equipment. During operation, the feeding shall be uniform to ensure uniform, stable and sufficient feeding. After the work of dosing machine is completed, the site shall be cleaned in time and whether lubricating oil needs to be added to the dosing machine shall be checked.

During the whole use period, the staff should pay close attention to and closely observe whether there are any adverse problems in the packaging scale. If any problem is found, it shall be handled in time to prevent the problem from deteriorating, affecting the normal production of dosing machine and causing losses to us.

Post time: Feb-10-2022