Features of automated palletizer system

Palletizer system is a product obtained after the progress of modern science and technology. Compared with the water from traditional industrial operation equipment, all aspects of palletizer system have been very ideal, including its structure, function, accuracy and practical application. However, some people do not know this very well, so we should have a systematic summary.
Palletizer system is an operating machine used to perform the functions of handling, moving and stacking. The whole equipment can be roughly divided into three parts: mechanical part, control part and sensing part. It is the close cooperation between them that has the automatic control device such as palletizer system. No matter the degree of freedom, positioning accuracy, working range or bearing capacity, the palletizer system has unique advantages, so it can be used in various special and harsh environments.
Palletizer system can continue to be classified according to different coordinate forms, and their operation states are also different. For example, the movement of rectangular coordinate Palletizer system on X, y and Z axes is independent, so it is easy to be realized by computer control, and its accuracy and position resolution will not change with the change of workplace, Therefore, high precision is easy to achieve.


Automatic palletizer system is actually a high-tech product of mechatronics. Some medium and low products need medium and low stacker to complete the work. We can set the number and mode of layers according to the requirements of marshalling, and then we can effectively stack the products such as rubber blocks, material bags and boxes. The effective R&D design of palletizer system is to make the stack shape neat and compact.
The main structural feature of the palletizer system is that the middle and low-level palletizer is mainly composed of slow stop, flattening, transposition, pallet conveyor and pallet bin, bag pushing device, palletizing device and marshalling machine. The design structure of the marshalling is very optimized, and its action is also very reliable and stable. The whole process of palletizer system is completely automatic. In normal operation, it does not need any manual intervention, and it is also widely used.
In fact, the control system of the automatic palletizer system is mainly characterized by the control components, mainly including variable-frequency speed controller, programmable controller and proximity switch. The button switch, wiring terminal and other parts adopt high-quality products. It is very important to ensure the service life and reliable performance of the hardware of the system. Moreover, because of the combination of high-quality hardware and specially designed control software by a special design team, the automation of the whole system is effectively realized. In addition, with a relatively complete set of safe interlocking mechanism, we can play a good role in protecting the equipment operators. One reason is that the graphic display touch screen simplifies the operating system of the palletizer system to a certain extent, and it is easy to diagnose faults, which effectively reduces the difficulty of maintenance and overhaul.

Post time: Feb-10-2022