Conveyor Belt Check Weigher for bottles boxes pieces bags cans

Short Description:

Widely used in pharmaceutical, food, chemical, packaging and other industries, can timely detect the production line of overweight, underweight substandard products.
It is widely used in many industries such as electronics, pharmacy, food, beverage, health products, cosmetics, light industrial and agricultural products, etc. Not only is it used to check if a single finished product is within the preset target weight but also to check missing parts of a full carton (missing bottles, boxes, pieces, bags, cans, etc).

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Working Principle

Computer centralized management control: the single weighing value and the number of products can be displayed instantly, and the RS-232 and RS485 communication interfaces can be connected with the computer to realize the centralized management and control of the computer.

Application area

It can be used in many industrial production environments, especially for large product applications requiring comprehensive weight control of a single large product: Food industry; Beverage industry; Pharmaceutical industry; Daily chemical industry and Others.


1)Touch screen interface intuitive, easy to operate: operators can quickly and skillfully grasp, modular design is easy to clean and clean maintenance;
2)Cleaning convenience: the streamline design of the whole machine greatly reduces the difficulty of cleaning and minimizes the sanitary dead angle;
3)High speed dynamic weighing: high speed stability;
4)Simple maintenance: conveyor belt quick removal structure, simple maintenance, conveyor belt height adjustable, widely used;


1. Report Function: Built-in report statistics. Reports can be generated into EXCEL format and automatically generate a variety of real-time data. USB can store over-one-year statistical data and keep abreast of production status.
2. Interface Function: Standard reserved interface for convenient data management; able to communicate with PC and or other intelligent devices.
3. Centralized Control: Able to achieve centralized control by one computer / HMI to multiple check weighers.
4. Parameter Restore Function: Original program can be restored.
5. Versatility: Standardization of the whole machine as well as that of HMI to complete weighing operation for different kinds of products.
6. Easy to Change: Able to store a variety of recipes, convenient replacement of product specifications.
7. Simple Operation: WEINVIEW color HMI with intelligent and humanized design.
8. Easy Maintenance: Dismountable belts for convenient maintenance and cleaning.
9. Adjustable Speed: Frequency conversion control motor used to adjust the speed when necessary.
10. High Speed and Accuracy: Equipped with high precision HBM digital load cell for fast and accurate sampling.
11. Zero Tracking: Manual or auto clearing and dynamic zero tracking.

Technical specification

Model LA-CW300 LA-CW400 LA-CW500
Name Conveyor Belt Check Weigher
Weighing Range 10kg 20kg 30kg
Weighing Accuracy ±2g ±5g ±10g
Weighing Resolution 0.1g 0.1g 0.1g
Max Speed 65 WPM 50 WPM 30 WPM
Belt Width 300mm 400mm 500mm
Weighing Belt Length 450mm 570mm 1050mm
Infeed/Outfeed Belt Length 450mm/800mm 570mm/Roller 930mm Roller Rejector 800mm
Power Supply AC220V ±10%/1P/0.5KW AC220V ±10%/1P/0.5KW AC220V ±10%/1P/0.5KW
Control System High speed A/D sampling controller High speed A/D sampling controller High speed A/D sampling controller
Pre-set Prod. No. 99 99 99
Belt Height 750±50mm 750±50mm 750±50mm
Optional Rejector Air Blower/ Swing Arm/ Pusher Pusher Pusher

Our Services

1. one year guarantee for whole machine except for wear parts;
2. 24 hours technical support by email;
3. calling service;
4. user manual available;
5. reminding for the service life of the wearing parts;
6. installation guide for clients from both China and abroad;
7. maintenance and replacement service;
8. whole process training and guidance from our technicians. High quality of after-sales service symbolizes our brand and ability. We pursue not only good quality products, but also best after sales service. Your satisfaction is our final purpose.

Construction Principle

1. Feeding part: Adopt two kinds(big one and small one)valves to control the three kinds feeding: fast, slow and exact mess.
2. Weighing shelf:The weighing shelf connected with sensor,and convey the weight signal to the electric box which controlling the operation of the machinery.
3. The electromotion car operated by the motor and run in the track to convey the products.The car’s position controlled by the worker and the final position is determined by the limit switch.
4. Electric box:Exterior signal and the sensor signal are conveyed to the electric box,which could control the feeding ON and OFF, cylinder lifting and the car running through finished program.

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CNC bending machine (USA)


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Laser cutting machine (Germany)


Baking paint production line (Germany)


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Q1. What is the advantage about your company?
A1. Our company has professional team and professional production line.
Q2. Why should I choose your products?
A2. Our products are high quality and low price.
Q3. Any other good service your company can provide?
A3. Yes, we can provide good after-sale and fast delivery.
Q4.What kind of Transportation could you provide?And are you able to update the production process Information in time after placing our order?
A4. Sea shipping, air Shipping, and international express. And after confirming your order ,we would keep you updated of production details of emails and photos.

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